time flies

October 19, 2009

Whoa, it’s been one heck of a month here…

[I’ve added a major edit, so I’m re-posting this one]

Kayaking Level 1 9/5
We took the REI Outdoor School Kayaking Level 1 class out at Elkhorn Slough. Rob thought we might have trouble getting there on time in the morning, so we got a hotel in Marina. We went to the Marina REI and saw Anthony, who recommended Montrio Bistro in Monterey for dinner. This as exactly the type of place we were looking to find, and we had a wonderful “date night.” Kayaking on the Slough was fun, if uneventful. They try to avoid “wet exits” in the level 1 class, even if they did review how to do it. I believe Rob said the highlight of the day was the Vietnamese Sandwiches I made from scratch, including the bread, for our picnic lunch. I rather liked the seals and sea otters, myself.

San Jose Bike Party 9/18
The highlight of the night was biking down Castro Street in Mountain view yelling “Bike Party” with hundreds of other riders, and how awesome the Mountain View PD was in directing traffic. Our first experience with the San Jose Bike Party was too much party, not enough bike. We bailed out early from the second meet-up spot (Costco). We should probably start later so we’re less impatient. It was a 20+ mile ride that I didn’t find challenging at all. I’d like to bike more at night. Didn’t do Bike Party this month, but will hopefully do it again next month.

Dinner at Masa’s in SF 9/19
Our friend Micheal took us out To Masa’s Restaurant in San Francisco for his birthday. And man, did he show us a good time! We had the nine course tasting menu with the wine accompaniment. Freaking fabulous!

Kayaking Level 2 9/20
We took the level 2 kayaking class was in Redwood City. We actually got wet, doing wet exits from out boats and both a paddle-float entry and an assisted T-rescue, and a few other techniques. Rob did an early demonstration of a wet exit and assisted T-rescue early on in the day. When it came time for the rest of us to do it, I was a little scared, but successful. My paddle stroke also greatly improved. It was really fun, I can’t wait to get a kayak. 😉

Whisper had a sinus infection
Man, that’s a lot of snot.

Two great jumping lessons
Yeah for jumping lessons! I’ve felt very confident and like things are working correctly. Now I have to work on my cardio so I’m not more out of breath than Whisper is.

Oh, and we put a new roof on Whisper’s tack shed. I love saws.

Spent a pleasant afternoon with my sister in Santa Barbara.
I haven’t had that much success in forever 21, ever.

My mother visited
My mother visited for a few days. We made her dinner for her birthday, I think she enjoyed it.

Renaissance Faire
We hung out with Kate and Nathan at the Northern California Renaissance Faire. It was really very hot, but fun nonetheless. I think it’s time to buy a new bodice.

Rob's Mom, Rob, and I launch a pumpkin.Rob’s mother visited
We went shopping for pumpkins down at swank farms. We need to go back and do the maze before Halloween.

Dancing lessons
Got to get ourselves tuned op for the Le Bal des Vampires. Next year we’re going to be awesome dancers.

Beatles Rockband night
I’m pretty sure we should never sing “helter skelter” ever again.

Simplicity sewing pattern binge
Simplicity patterns were $0.99 at Joann Fabrics. I bought like thirty, many had been on my wishlist for years! then I found some out of print ones online… Maybe I should try sewing something?

Dentist on the 10/13
Chose your words carefully when you ask your dentist to make a positive mold of your teeth so you can have vampire dentures made. In the end they did it for free, I got my teeth cleaned, and they even threw in some more bleach for my bleach kit.

Kayak Navigation class 10/15
Kayaking navigation was both harder and easier than I thought it would be. I think I’m going to take the REI Map and Compass class as well as the GPS navigation class.

And a dinner party
Had some great friends over for Paella. I’m very pleased with how my chicken came out!

Next week we have a Climbing Anchors class, then there’s Halloween, and then the Le Bal des Vampires!

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