November 6, 2009

Rockband Avatar Hallloween Costume (by levanah)I had a great Halloween! I went to a Super-Hero party on Friday night. My costume wasn’t “on theme” but I was a video game avatar. Specifically, I was my RockBand avatar. I had my microphone with me so I could bonk people in the head with it (I seem to be missing my microphone in the picture at right).

On Saturday night we borded a bus in Oakland around 8 pm and went the long way to San Francisco. We stopped at a street fair in Richmond, then went over the Golden Gate Bridge (because the bay bridge was closed). The air was so clear as we were going over the bridge, the view of San Francisco was amazing.photo.jpg (by levanah) We drove through San Francisco hanging out the windows of the bus screaming, to a club where we saw the Extra Action Marching Band perform. They were a blast! Then we went south to the Pompeii party. Most of us dozed through the part where we drove back up through SF over the Golden Gate (twice in one night!) to Richmond, then made it back to our cars in Oakland at about 5 AM.

Rob was super-hot in his three-piece zoot suit. I failed to get a decent picture of him, but I expect to get a good picture of him in the suit some time when we’re out swing dancing.

By levanah