quick december update.

January 14, 2010

I still have a pinched nerve. And it still hurts to sit. I’ve just re-arranged my computer desk to see if I can make it more comfortable, and so that I can write here.


  • I think it might have been in November that Rob got a new car. A VW Tiguan with all the bells and whistles (leather, navigation system, all-wheel drive). We’d been looking at the Audi A5 for months, but weren’t super-crazy about the size or the ipod integration. The Tiguan really is very smart, proving again that I am Volkswagen’s marketing demographic. This is the third VW I’ve bought from Sunnyvale Volkswagen. Love those guys.
  • I quit my job at REI. I love the company and my fellow employees, but I was just so bored. Three years in one department is hard on a person, especially when it’s as stimulating as footwear. I was a little worried that I would be bored or lonely, but January is working out to be very busy!
  • My car wasn’t as horrifically expensive to fix as they thought it would be. Just a cracked flex hose to my power steering (which, thankfully, didn’t have to be replaced), and a loose plate underneath and $900.00 later…
  • We had Christmas with my Dad at my sister Natalie and her boyfriend Floyd’s place in Ventura. It was a very nice day, totally worth the ten hours of driving. I hope we get to see a lot more of them in the future. I still need to send Floyd my favorite cooking blog links.
  • Whisper got a child for xmas! I’m leasing Whisper, my horse, out to a very nice young lady twice a week. My riding coach found her for us, and we were able to “give” her a “pony” for xmas. How awesome is that?
  • Morgan the sixteen-year-old diabetic cat finally had a bunch of teeth removed.
  • I registered for Costume College!
  • We recieved a signed copy of Ad Hoc at Home in the SND pirate gift exchange! We cooked the roast chicken out of it for new year’s eve. The Baker’s edge brownie pan (which Kevin did manage to snag, as I’d hoped) and The French Chef we contributed to the exchange went over very well.
  • We had a very mellow New Years with Kate and Nathan and Smead. We ate yummy food and played rockband. And I managed to mostly avoid a migraine.


  • Going back to school! Yes, I’m taking two music classes at De Anza Junior College. I decided the last week of December, and classes started on January 4th, so I’m lucky I was able to add!
  • Music and Singing classes, private Singing lessons, dressage and jumping lessons, and sewing classes, oh my!
  • Tomorrow we are taking the horses to school over cross country in Paso Robles at the Twin Rivers horse park. I practically hang out the window and drool every time we drive past it, and I finally get to go!

Life is good.

By levanah