I sewed something (way back in October!)

January 26, 2010

Wow, here’s an old entry I forgot to post!

I finally finished a sewing project. It wasn’t either of the the projects I’ve been talking about forever. But it was my very own Halloween costume, and it turned out great!

I dressed up as my avatar for the RockBand music video game. I figured that had to scare the crap out of someone. I used Simplicity 2657 (View C) with some cotton polka-dot quilting fabric. I really love the pattern. I cut a size 16, but I had to do a pretty large dart in the bodice, and I didn’t put a zipper in because it fit fine over my head without it, which makes me think I might want to try a 14 next time. The lining was just more than I could handle, slippery fabric is still too advanced for me. I also chopped 5 inches off the hem length (I could have gone even shorter, but I think I might be able to wear the dress again at this length).

It seems that either Minni Mouse or Betty Boop were the inspiration for my Rockband Avatar.

Rockband Avatar Hallloween Costume Rockband Avatar Hallloween Costume

By levanah