January, or "better late than never"

February 15, 2010

Wow, it’s already the middle of February! Time does fly when you are having fun. My neck/shoulder pain has diminished, but my waistline is greatly enhanced. Jeeze, you’d think 10 lbs extra and lost muscle tone wouldn’t be so obvious! Luckily I have some activities coming up that should help re-arrange my flab.

In January:

We refinanced our house!! Our house appraised at 96% of what we paid for it. Not too shabby in this market.

I got to take Whisper to the cross country course at Twin Rivers in Paso Robles. I grew up in Paso, so it was very cool to get to go back and ride my horse there. I have a longer write-up queued up, so I’ll just say: Whisper was awesome, as usual.

Rob and I had a great time at Friday Night Waltz. We take the beginners waltz class, and it was awesome to find that the gentleman who frequently teaches the class is the same man who polka-ed up and down the streets of Dickens Fair with Rob. So. Freaking. Awesome.

We attended the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco on the 23rd. Rob wore his fabulous new Victorian costume (a frock coat was still in style at the beginning of the period) and I wore a 1920’s gown inspired by “The Fatal Lozenge” by Edward Gorey (the ball also honors Edward Gorey). I have a post queued for this, also.

I finished another sewing project! The gown for the ball. Did I mention I finished something?

I finally received my Christmas present: a Uniquely You Dress Form. Well, I’d initially ordered a pair of boots, but they didn’t fit, and it takes two weeks for the company to ship the forms, so I don’t know why I said “finally…”

I’m taking a few classes at the the community college on singing and music. It’s nice to get out and see people, and I’ve always loved learning.

Now I want to write the February update…

By levanah