February in review.

March 2, 2010

I have so many things I want to write about that I get overwhelmed and only do summaries. I guess that’s better than nothing. What did February bring…

Traumatic first solo
Oh jeeze. For the midterm for my college singing class I had to sing, in front of people, with just a piano accompanying me, for the very first time. It went about as well as my first public speaking: traumatic.

Victorian Corsetry Class
I took a three-Friday Victorian corsetry class taught by Carol Wood (who is a great instructor!) offered by Lacis Museum in Berkeley. We made the Laughing Moon Dore Corset. I still have to do my binding, and then I will post pictures. (Really! I will!)

New Machine
For valentines day, Rob bought me a gorgeous new Bernina Fashionista sewing machine! (link may expire)

Whisper [the horse] is awesome. He’s always awesome. MorganCat the diabetic cat is FAT (she was emaciated a few months ago) and Toothless the Dragon from the “How to Train your Dragon” previews is totally a smart version of the PandiCat. *wink*

Sewing class
My new sewing machine came with a two-part “get to know your machine” class. I learned all kinds of nifty things it can do and was totally cackling with glee.

Waltz and Polka
After my Fridays were freed up we went to Friday Night Waltz for another round of rotary waltz. We’re getting there!

Bike Academy
Way back in November we bought new road bikes. A couple of friends from REI had taken the Almaden Cycle Touring Club Academy Bike Driving course and highly recommended it. Rob and I excitedly signed up for it, only to learn it wouldn’t be offered again until February. February came around and we attended our first class last week and had a great time. I’m really looking forward to riding around with Rob and feeling comfortable on my bike.

Not-so-Traumatic second “solo”
I participated a recital with my music instructor’s students. Barbara, my instructor, quietly accompanied me during my song, so I would fee confident (and erase the memory of the previous experience). It went great! I was positively giddy at the end. Rob was feeling yucky after having his wisdom teeth out, so I he’ll have to see me sing next time.

By levanah