Uniquely Me

March 28, 2010

I'm wearing her skin! (by levanah)I had the distinct pleasure of spending Tuesday afternoon with the lovely and talented Laurie of www.dazeoflaur.com (go see her costumes and corsets(!)!) while she helped me tailored my dress form. And by “helped” I do mean “did it for me.” In the picture at right, I’m wedged into the tailored fabric “skin” which the foam form wears to mold to my measurements and shape. Note the comically pointed boobs the naked foam base has without the cover on! We’re inside Laurie’s inspiring workshop, surrounded by her imaginative corsets and period costumes. You probably can’t see that I can’t move in the very tight “skin”, which is why I needed someone to “help” me do the adjustments. Well, I should also mention that I found the instructions TOTALLY overwhelming.

Check out that bust! (by levanah)I’ve always thought that a true mark of artistry was the ability to make simple things beautiful. Look at how beautiful the shaping is on the bust, waist and hips. Click to enlarge the picture, the seams under the bust are my favorite part. I’m so very fortunate that Laurie was willing to help me out!

I considered trying to get a better picture of myself, but I couldn’t get the cat to cooperate for another shot, so… there I am in my pajama-ed glory!

I got myself the Uniquely You dress form for xmas. The thing that makes a dress form valuable is that you can put clothing on it and see what it’s going to look like, or to make strap adjustments, sew hems, and the like. What makes a Uniquely You dress form worth having is that it can be shaped to your dimensions more precisely than dial adjusting, or non-adjusting, forms. Forms that adjust by dial may not expand proportionally the way you do, especially if you’re on the larger side. For example, my thighs and butt get bigger, but my waist stays pretty constant as my weight and size fluctuate. A dial adjust form just gets wider through the center, making the bust, waist, and hips equally wider. There is some fine-tuning with the dial adjust forms, but my waist was so much smaller than the standard form proportions for my standard size that even on the foam form we had to be clever and add a waist tape to make the reduction! We could not have done that on a dial-adjust form.

The Uniquely You form can be brought in (if I lose weight) or let out (if I gain weight) with a little work. The bust and butt, belly and waist are shaped to my curves, the areas hardest to fit. Another plus is that unlike human skin, you can pin things directly to the stiff poplin that covers the foam core.

Another way to make a dress form that is a true representation of your body is to make a duct tape dummy. Read more about “Cloning your own fitting assistant” in threads magazine. I tried that once, but I never finished the project. Thank you, KevinC, for your assistance on that [doomed] project. 🙂

It’s traditional to name your fitting assistant, and so may I present “Trudy” as queen of her new domain!

The new dress form (by levanah)

By levanah