the fatal lozenge (backlogged post from January)

May 9, 2010

Fatal lozenge (by levanah)I finished a another sewing project. This time it was a gown for the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco, “Celebrating the art and stories of Edward Gorey…” I looked at pictures of previous balls, and noted that it seemed to be a great excuse to wear a corset. But I wanted to do something different. So I went to the book store and flipped through Edward Gorey books to get ideas. The gown on the title page of “The Fatal Lozenge” inspired me. It was simple, fun, and it looked pretty comfortable.

Here I have my interpretation of the dress on my new Uniquely You dress form I got for Christmas. I haven’t done the work to make her my measurements, so she’s a little larger than I am, but close enough for the time being. I also haven’t come up with a name for her, yet. I probably should have waited to take the pictures during the day (or perhaps worn the dress myself in the pictures), but it was a good excuse to show off my dress form.

Fatal Lozenge (by levanah) The Fatal Lozenge (by levanah)

I drafted the pattern myself using a similar stretch crushed velvet dress I’ve had for decades as a reference. It was quite fun to I went with stretch velvet because it’s very forgiving: easy to sew, and since it stretches, easy to fit.

By levanah