March and April in review

May 13, 2010

Bike Academy
We graduated from BDI! We took a 35 mile ride and got free pizza! And we met some very cool people.

“Meh” third and fourth solo
For the singing class I was taking at the local junior college I had to sing a an Italian art song for my final grade, and then we had to sing any song we wanted for our “Final Final.” I sang “Nel cor più non mi sento” in the lower key. I think I did better than the time before, but I still have stage fright. Then for the Final Final I sang a karaoke version of “Bring me to Life” by evanescence. It was good to sing in front of people and get it over with, but I’m pretty sure I’m not interested in singing in front of other people for a while.

We ordered curtains and shades
I finally, nearly two years later, got to do something about the temporary or non-existent window treatments in our home! Dedicated post to follow!


A trip to LA
Sadly, Rob’s Aunt passed away. We spent several days in LA with Rob’s family, and I got to meet more of Rob’s very kind family. I wish we had made the trip under better circumstances. Everyone was so friendly and nice. I hope we get to see more of everyone!

We also did get down to visit my brother and his family, which was great! My neice and nephew are growing up awesome! And not just because they’re related to me! We definitely need to make more trips down to visit.

I started (and then dropped) more classes
I tried to take more classes at the college, even though I was missing the second half of the first week of classes because we were in LA. I even got into the choir. And then I realized that I wasn’t really into it, had missed too much, and I really wanted to get ready for:

Preparations for my first Event!
The first weekend of May I got to go to Fresno and ride in my first event! Whisper was awesome! I should have a video to share in a few weeks. We did the Senior Intro Beginner Novice (a non-rated level) which very fun! We placed 6th in our division, and our team of three placed second.

Had to postpone BDII until September
We just missed too many days with being in LA and the horse trial. We did get the route for the first ride, from the Lexington reservoir up to the summit and back down, which we did on our own. I think it took 2 hours to go up, and about 15 minutes to come down (give or take some time *wink*). The ride down was definitely worth the trip up! Our bikes also got their first tune-ups.

By levanah