101in1001#1 Sew a skirt. Completed.

May 17, 2010

My first item on my 101in1001 list to complete was “sew a skirt.” I had actually planned to sew one of these skirts, but for some reason I’ve been reluctant to start either of those skirts, probably because I want them to be “perfect.”

Rob got me a super-fancy new sewing machine for Valentine’s Day (and for all events/holidays where I might receive a gift for the next millennium) and I had this black pinwale corduroy I’d purchased for some other, long-forgotten project. I’d also bought simplicity pattern 2451 during one of Joann’s 99 cent sales, and I had a 7″ zipper in my stash. So I made myself the skirt, hoping to finish it in time for the “get to know your sewing machine” classes I’d got with my sewing machine purchase (didn’t finish it in time). It was very easy to make and aside from a few mistakes from lack of experience and haste, it turned out great. I even used my serger to finish the seam allowances.

IMG_1969Then, the third time I wore it, the zipper busted. This blurry picture is the only existing picture of me wearing the skirt. At least until I pick it apart and replace the zipper.

By levanah