101in1001#2 attend Dickens Fair at least once. Completed.

May 18, 2010

Last season we went to Dickens fair at least three times. Previous to Dickens fair, I really could have nothing to do with Christmas. It’s just a stressful time of year where people waste money on things no one really wants. It’s a consumer-driven guilt trip. But something about Dickens fair made Christmas seem… fun. Possibly it was the spiked cider and dancing. Maybe it was the fabulous costumes and super-nice people. Could have just been the singing and meat pies, though.

We went multiple times thanks to Kate and Nathan’s generosity, and I had a great time. I failed to take any pictures. We didn’t have costumes to wear. I still haven’t finished a costume for myself. It just seems like such an investment of time and money, and I want to have a very clear plan before I start. Right before the Edwardian Ball in February we got Rob a fine Victorian ensemble so he’ll be ready for the fair this year. I’m going to attend the workshops and see if I can get my stuff together in time to have a costume, too.

Speaking of dancing: one of my all-time favorite moments was seeing two men, one dressed as a gentleman, one dressed in shorts, polka-ing together up and down the streets of Victorian London.

Also: I am getting the black hat this year. Oh yes. I am.

By levanah