101in1001#4 knit something (scarf or better): in progress

May 23, 2010

morgan and her scarf

Item number 4 on the 101in1001 list was “knit something (scarf or better)”. As you can see, I have knitted a scarf; for Morgan. I was doing a swatch to see if I could do a number of rows with the same number of stitches in each row. I frogged this a few times, and then I made it about 1/2 the length it is here and decided I should make it into…something. IMG_3235 It was too thick to be a bookmark, and too long to be a cup cozy. Then Morgan came to sit on me, and it dawned on me that it would make a perfect cat scarf! I worked a few more rows, and then I I had the idea to add a slot (large button hole) so I could slip one end through it so I wouldn’t have to tie it. You can see a picture of what I mean to the right.

CardigansI’m don’t really think I’m calling this one “done.” I hope I get around to sewing myself a poncho (I can’t link directly to the pattern I’m interested because you’d have to log in), or some arm warmers, or maybe a hat, or maybe even a scarf for me?

After I wrote a draft of this post, I found this awesome book of Cardigan patterns. If you know me, you know I have a weakness for cardigans. There’s a few cardigans that I think might inspire me to get my act together in here. There’s also a few dozen things on www.knitty.com I’d love to have knit.

Guess I should get to work!

By levanah