101in1001#42 and #43: Poker. One more done!

May 29, 2010

The results to yesterdays silly survey are found here. I realize I left out a few things, like: basketball, volleyball, disc golf, and poker. But I did figure out how to use the form, so I’ll try to come up with a more thoughtful survey in the future.

Poker night:  I'm a winner!

For my 101in1001 I have completed item #42, and made progress on #43:
42. host poker night (2/2)
43. play poker (2/10)

On Tuesday (5/25) I we hosted poker night for the second time, completing item #42. It was a small night for poker night, only nine people. I played in the first tournament, and won! This wasn’t my second time playing poker, it was just my second time playing poker since I started the 101in1001 project. It was the second time I’ve won a tournament-style poker game. After winning, I retired to bake cookies. That way, everyone wins!

Rob and I made an awesome little poker table, which I haven’t taken a picture of. We got to debut it as the cash game table, where the players who bust out of the tournament go to amuse themselves while the tournament moves along. It sparkles.

By levanah