a new look

June 1, 2010

I changed the template on my blog. At first I was worried I would hate any change I made to it, but it’s working for me. If you are reading this on a news reader of some sort, or via email, click here to see the new format.

I looked at a lot of artsy and frilly templates, but I’m not really very artsy or frilly. I thought long and hard about making my own, and started surfing templates for inspiration. Then I came across the template bloggers green, and I knew it would work. It had a lot of things I liked, such as already having a green theme that goes perfectly with my stars on green background. I did spend an hour or so tweaking things to my liking, like making the fonts a little bigger, changing the width of the main column, etc. This format suits my personality and style perfectly: simple and kind-of boring. If only I were this neat, too. *wink*

This is a big step towards finishing 101in1001#83 make personal website all css.

By levanah