101in1001#27 make a steampunk costume

June 3, 2010

I’m posting about this one out of order. Posts on 101in1001 #6 and #7 are in the works. As is an update on 101in1001#5.
corset in progress
As some of you know, I’m 95% done with a green Victorian corset built on the Laughing Moon Dore pattern. I started the corset in the Victorian corsetry class taught by Carol Wood (who is a great instructor!) offered by Lacis Museum in Berkeley. I’ve been mentally trying to build a steampunk costume around it, and had been entertaining the idea of combining it with a riding skirt and granny boots. Well, I guess I’m on the right track, because the Gentleman’s Emporium has beat me to it. Their Hazel Barrett, Egyptian Expeditionist ensemble is essentially what I was imagining. For a split second I was disappointed that my idea wasn’t unique. But then I realized: It works! I had a costume idea that works! So I am going to steam ahead (haha) on my version of the costume. I’ve already ordered a Riding Skirt Pattern from Suitability, an equestrian clothing pattern company I’ve been dying to order a pattern from for about ten years now. I also have mostly finished the chemise and drawers from the Laughing Moon pattern. So now I need some goggles (is it steampunk if the costume doesn’t have goggles?) and some gloves.

If someone asks me if I got it from the emporium, I’m just going to be flattered. So there.

By levanah