sunday in montara

June 5, 2010

Montara Beach

Last Sunday we we had a large Sunday Night Dinner at Ginni’s in Montara. Before we got to Ginni’s we went for a walk on the Montara State Beach. It was a beautiful day on the coast, one that I probably would have said couldn’t exits in along the Northern California coast. It was warm (70’s-ish) the sky was clear, the wind wasn’t annoying, and the water was not dark gray, but actually blue. The ocean still looked like it wanted to pound me into little pieces, or suck me out into it’s cold depths… but otherwise it was a gorgeous day on the beach.

Montara Beach

After our hike on the beach, where I almost lost me newly replaced iphone, we went a short distance to Ginni’s beautiful beach house where we celebrated the May and June birthdays with our friends. There were fantastic ribs and salads and brownies for dessert. It was a fun celebration with great people.

And I might be tempted to go visit the beach again…

By levanah