Summer Essentials Sew-Along

June 7, 2010

I’ve decided to join the Summer Essentials Sew-Along led by Ali over at the wardrobe, reimagined.

The Summer Essentials Sew-Along asks participants to sew five(-ish) warm-weather friendly pieces by August(-ish).

I already had three items I was getting ready to start for myself, so why not shoot for five(-ish)? And I’ll have other people’s progress to inspire me! My only impediment at the moment is that I want to sew a black pirate shirt for Rob, and possibly one for my dad, for the Pirate Festival over Father’s Day weekend.

My essentials for each category are as follows:

Poolside Pretties: I haven’t really got one for this category, yet. I don’t think my awesome beach tote counts.

Clam Diggers & Co.:      and
Sweet & Sassy Skirts:
summer essentials sew along shorts and skirt
I’ve been planning to try to re-create the Anthropologie Capri pants that I foolishly donated to the goodwill a few years ago with Simplicity 2656 (view E), and I have three different fabrics I’m trying to decide between. The color of the pants was a mushroom gray, like the lighter-colored silk at the top of the photo. I bought the brown linen-blend fabric on the lower right because the hand was more like what I remember the shorts being like, but the color is all wrong. Then I saw Caspara’s bias-cut skirt using Simplicity 7229 (view A) and decided I’d rather use the brown fabrics for a skirt and try something else for the shorts. I dug the teal fabric out of the stash, and it reminds me of a color Patagonia is using on their shorts, so maybe that’s my shorts fabric. Also in the queue is Simplicity 4703 (view D, I think), an out-of-print skirt pattern that I’ve had a magazine clipping of on my inspiration board for three or four years now.
summer essentials skirt

The Sundress:
I don’t have the fabric yet for this, but I bought a few Colette patterns during their recent sale, and I’m thinking I might do the Parfait in either the awesome butterfly fabric I just ordered, or a lightweight denim which I saw…somewhere on the web…oh! In the gallery! By the way, the new Cinnamon pattern is awesome, but I’m terrified of working with slippery fabrics.

Tees, Tunics & Blouses:
summer essentials sew-along shirtNew Look 6179 view A is my summer blouse. It says “easy” on it.

Those Summer Nights:
For the cardigan catagory, I’d already been plotting to make Simplicity 2560. I bought it because I thought is was kind-of cute, then I saw this version over at Burda Style and I went and bought the green fabric above. I’m not sure the green fabric is the right type of knit, or the color I want to work with, but it’s a start. I’m thinking of view A or D.
summer essentials sew along cardigan

Well, there it is! Wish me luck!

By levanah