playing with garmin connect

June 14, 2010

Rob bought me the awesome Garmin 405 three birthdays ago, and I have to admit: I’ve hardly used it. Not because it isn’t awesome, but because I’m a bit of a slug. After quitting my on-my-feet, climbing-on-the-shelves sales job at REI last year, (awesome job, I just wanted my weekends free) and learning to bake pumpkin scones (among other treats), the flabbiness has reached unacceptable ratios. We did take that awesome bike academy, which definitely improved my confidence on the road (and my empathy for cyclist. I think every driver should have to take a bike course). I’m still a bit intimidated by biking and I’d rather have someone else plot the course and cheer me on. So it’s a big deal for me to go out on my bike.

here’s a link because the widget doesn’t seem to load consistently

Above is what I did today, uploaded to garmin connect. The garmin connect website is a lot cooler than whatever software I was using on my PC (I recently went over to the apple side). We did a similar loop last week, and after we stopped for lunch at Panera we realized that it was only a short distance over to Bobbi’s Coffee Shop in Saratoga, which used to be our Sunday morning breakfast place. So today we went there on our bikes for lunch. It was a nice ride, even in the heat. Homestead has a nice bike lane and lots of cyclists, so it’s pretty safe. The bike bridge over 280 is quite beautiful. I don’t recommend Saratoga Avenue, especially over 280, but I’ll probably do it again.

Here’s hoping I’ll re-arrange some of that flab!

By levanah