Today brought to you by…

June 16, 2010

Today brought to you by...

Today, brought to you by…Coffee!

After many years of avoiding it, I bought myself a programmable coffee maker. You put in your coffee and water, tell it what time to start and-voilà!-coffee when you wake up! When I worked at REI I would buy myself a a cup of coffee at starbucks, which was next-door, as a reward for getting my behind to work on time. I’d use my french press for the occasions I’d make coffee at home, but I usually just drove by a coffee shop to get my fix. I just get a plain ol’ cup of coffee, which isn’t all that expensive, and I try to remember to bring my own cup, but then I’d add on a cookie, or a scone… It was getting expensive (calorically as well as monetarily).

I’m also not a morning person, so I really just get up with enough time to brush my teeth, get dressed, and make it to my destination. Not enough time to boil water and use the french press.

Now that I’m home more often than not, I needed something to motivate me to get up. The beep of the coffee maker finishing brewing my coffee is a welcome morning alarm, one I don’t snooze through! It’s also faster to pour the already-brewed coffee into my travel mug before I head out, than to go to a coffee shop.

Yay coffee!

By levanah