Summer Sewing

June 22, 2010

sewing room

Today I worked on a Summer Essentials Sew-along project: Simplicity 7229 View A (bias cut) in the same linen-rayon blend I made the pirate shirt out of, only in a russet brown. It says it’s a “one-hour” project and though it did take me more than an hour to make it, it was super-easy. The biggest pain was having to cut the pattern pieces on the floor because the banquet table I use as my cutting table wasn’t wide enough to deal with the fabric placed on the bias. You can see the traced pattern pieces laying on top of the fabric on my ironing board, in the foreground of the picture above. The project is actually finished, except for the hem, I just couldn’t get a decent picture without natural light in the room. I’ll do that tomorrow, and take pictures of the pirate shirt. I may even attempt my first two pattern reviews, we’ll have to see how ambitious I am tomorrow.

The picture also shows how I spent Monday – Wednesday on this week: re-designing my sewing room. Now my hoard of sewing patterns has a home: in the IKEA Aneboda to the right of my sewing table. The one on the left holds my ironing ham and other notions. It’s not half-full yet (the one on the left isn’t half-full, the one on the right is mostly-full). I also added new shelving to the wall. I have TONS more room now, and I don’t have to move everything every time I want to look for something. You can also see my sexy Bernina on the table there. Automatic button holes, FTW!

By levanah