fitness fun

July 1, 2010

Several of my 101in1001 goals involve fitness, specifically stating a goal weight and whatnot. I’d heard of, a healthy living/weight loss community site, a while back and today I was inspired to join. I think it would be fun to have a small “team” of people to motivate eachother. I was thinking of writing more about my fitness quest here on the blog, and I probably will. But I think using the tracker and whatnot over at spark people will allow me to just post the highlights of my fitness over here.

At any rate, if it motivates me for a few weeks, it’s worth it. And it’s free, which doesn’t hurt. Find me as mzlevanah.

Oh… looks like another great option. I’ll let ya know which is better soon!

[edit: When I calculated my fitness goal, it totally told me it was reasonable. yay!]

By levanah