iPhone edition

July 6, 2010

iPhone 3Gs and my new 4.  I'm going to miss my iSkin.

I finally got my iPhone 4 today. Rob has had his for a week, and he’s been taunting me with it. Taking pictures with his flash, complaining about his reception and dragging me to the apple store to get a new bumper for it. I’m shipping my old phone, with it’s iSkin case (I love that case), off to my sister. I was going to share with her the apps that I like. I figured it would make a semi-interesting blog post, so I’ll share it with y’all, too. While I’m at it, I’ll also share the apps I love for my iPad.

Free Apps I love:

  • Facebook – there’s no point in having a facebook account and an iPhone without combining the two. You can upload pictures as you take them, too.
  • Twitter – same as facebook. Why not be able to tweet when inspiration hits?
  • The weather channel It’s not significantly better than the weather app that comes with the iphone, but it is free. And better.
  • Yelp – Review local businesses, share places you like, find reviews on businesses.
  • Amazon mobile – if amazon doesn’t sell it, does it exist? Dangerous when combined with amazon prime.
  • Flixster – Find out what movies are in your favorite local theaters, as well what’s coming up.
  • Fortune ball – it’s a magic 8 ball for your phone. You can add your own answers, I suggest adding “as if” and “whatever.”
  • Coin flip – I love the happy donkey. Make decisions without having to search the car for a coin.
  • iBooks – you can download a whole bunch of free classics to read when you don’t have anything better to do. You can buy books, too. I haven’t done this yet, but you can add pdf files to read, which is much better than emailing them to yourself.
  • Remote – If you have itunes, you can use your iphone as a remote control for it. When you have friends over it’s fun to run iTunes DJ, a live playlist where your friends who have the remote app can log into your itunes library and seamlessly add songs from your collection to the playlist.
  • Google Docs – okay, this isn’t an “app”, but I had to include it. I have my wishlists in spreadsheets up on google docs so that I can easily access them when I’m out an about. Just make a link to your google docs page and add it to your home screen.

Free apps I like:

  • Evernote – I love the idea of this application (and service), but I find that I don’t use it very often.
  • Phoneflix – Allows you to work with your netflix movie queue.
  • Kindle – Amazon’s book reader. They also have free books, and possibly more books available than ibooks, but I prefer ibooks for some reason.

Apps I’d buy again:

  • Reeder – This is the app I use the most. It’s also the app that made the iPad useful for me. I love blogs, and I use google reader to organize and read them. Reeder is a really awesome interface that links to your google reader account, and really does improve the experience. I love the way the navigation works.
  • Lady Biz – This one’s for the girls. It helps you track your periods, among other things. I could never remember when my last one was, now I know about when it’s going to happen.
  • Locavore – What’s in-season and local at the grocery store?
  • 2do [free 2do lite] – A really logical and robust to-do list. I actually use this app, unlike all previous todo list applications I’ve installed (and I’ve been trying to sue a digital todo list since the first palm came out.)
  • Talking Carl – If you need a smile, just talk into this app. Brilliant!

I can’t wait for the iSkin bumper for the iphone4 to be released.

Apps that rock the iPad:

  • Reeder (not free) – I bought the iPad so I could sit around and read my blog feeds on google reader. This app improved that experience in a way I hadn’t imagined possible.  I love the way the UI works, and I having the larger screen means I can view pictures much larger.
  • Amazon mobile (free) – This app really takes advantage of the whole ipad experience.
  • Weather channel (free) – This app also takes showcases what you can do with an ipad application.
  • iBooks (free) – This app only needed an ipad-sized interface to make the experience better than that on an iphone.
  • YouTube – This app is already installed on the iPad, and it’s like I just discovered youtube! I love all of the tutorials.

I’m thinking about using the MacGourmet app, but I haven’t completely committed to MacGourmet yet.  Probably because I haven’t been able to import my old Living Cookbook recipes.  (I switched from a PC to a mac, and Living Cookbook is only available for windows)

By levanah