photo ideas

July 8, 2010

I made a deal with my sister where she has to take one picture a week and upload it to either flickr or facebook.  This is a much diluted version of the Project365 I’ve challenged myself to do (and not made any progress on), but I’m guessing she’ll have the same issues I do.  Sometimes you just don’t feel inspired to take a picture, or worse you’re so uninspired by the pictures you’ve taken that you can’t take one more throwaway shot to save your life.

I thought a list of things to take pictures of might be helpful to her, and to me.  I found an A-Z list of inspirational ideas, and here’s my list (I didn’t read through the other list carefully, so I’m sure we have some duplicates here): I decorated for Independence Day.
Baby bunny
book binge exhibit B

  1. pile of clothing
  2. lose change
  3. dirt
  4. stack of books
  5. fruit or veggies 
  6. things in rows
  7. lanes of trees
  8. row of books
  9. clothes on hangers all lined up
  10. street lights
  11. two identical cars parked next to eachother
  12. cans at the supermarket
  13. Food
  14. something you made yourself
  15. a pretty meal at a restaurant
  16. ice cream
  17. Plants
  18. Flowers
  19. Animals
  20. Insects
  21. Birds
  22. Bikes
  23. Friends
  24. Things you want to buy
  25. Things you’ve bought
  26. Odd signs
  27. Graffiti
  28. Tattoo
  29. water
  30. the ocean
  31. rain
  32. puddles
  33. possesions
  34. someone’s handwriting
  35. an antique
  36. boxes
  37. in a mirror
  38. your favorite shop
  39. a dress
  40. your keys
  41. your room
  42. Summer
  43. Autumn
  44. Winter
  45. Spring
  46. Something for Halloween
  47. Something for Thanksgiving
  48. Something for Christmas
  49. Something for New Years
  50. Something for Valentines
  51. Something for Easter
  52. Something for the Fourth of July
  53. A birthday

Not the cleverest list ever made, is it?  Maybe it will help when I can’t think of anything to take a picture of.

By levanah