July 10, 2010


I lease my horse, Whisper, out to a young woman Rob and I call “The Kid.” We call her that because she has the same name as one of my close friends. We started out calling her “[name] The Kid,” but now we just say “The Kid.” Anyhow Whisper and The Kid got to do the Pony Club Summer Camp this past week. Five days in a row of playing with horses with your friends. I can imagine how much fun everyone had! One of the things I love about my barn is that they offer a multitude of summer camps for the kids, not just Pony Clubbers, in which they provide horses (those horses are saints!) and instruction. It’s so cool to watch the kids ride around.

Anyhow, for their Summer Camp finale the Pony Club kids did a quadrille (choreographed dressage in a group of four) and the parents (and horse “parents”) got to watch. They all did an excellent job and looked great! I was very impressed with some of the complex figures they pulled off!

Then I found out Whisper hurt himself. I had woken up a little on the fragile side emotionally, and this just caused a melt down. He’s going to be fine, I’m sure. I just wanted to explain why Friday’s post is a day late. Saturday’s post will also be late. I’ll probably catch up on Monday.


By levanah