Bike Bridges of Santa Clara County

July 12, 2010

Sunday we went on an a delightful 28 mile ride around Santa Clara County. We were searching for some bike bridges we’d driven by in the past, and we found them along what we discovered to be the Stevens Creek Trail which is really, really nice.

We started out with a short ride over to get lunch. Then out to Alviso on the San Tomas Aquino/Saratoga Creek Trail, then along 237 up to Mountain View, through Los Altos on the Stevens Creek Bike Trail over to Cupertino, and around back home through Santa Clara to San Jose. Here’s an interactive map over at the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition, and here’s the route as recorded by my gps. I’m pretty sure the GPS lost it’s little mind at some point, because there’s no way we were ever going 52 MPH, but the map is correct.

I can’t recall how many bike bridges we went over, but we passed two we didn’t need to go over. I think it was at least 4 bridges. The ride was mostly flat and we didn’t go very fast, so it wasn’t very challenging. My shoulders were quite a bit sore for the last 10 miles, but we were so. close. to. home. I couldn’t stop.

I think I’m feeling confident to join a regular ACTC group ride!

nice thumb.

Rob crosses a bridge. My thumb wanted to be in the picture I guess.

Me on a Bridge

I cross a bridge. Thank you for making my behind look small. 😉

By levanah