iphone camera edition

July 20, 2010

If you are looking for the incomplete “Morgan the Cat” post I accidentally made live a few moments ago, come back on Thursday for a correctly edited, or at least completed, version.

I forgot to include a few apps in my previous post about iPhone apps.

  • Camera Bag $1.99. Above is a picture I took with my iPhone then used the CameraBag “Helga” filter on. As you can see, this app adds uses some cool pre-set filters to give your photo a retro look and feel. Here’s a link to the original photo.
  • GorillaCam Free. This app adds a lot of functionality that is missing in the iPhone camera. You get a delay timer, time lapse photography, and 3 shot bursts. I tried to take a picture earlier today to demonstrate some of these features, but I didn’t find inspiration. The app is free, so the price is right for experimentation!
  • Photoshop Mobile Free. Below is the same photo as above, only I cropped it in using the Photoshop Mobile for iPhone app, and then I used the “sketch” effect. This app allows for more customization of the photo.
  • LED Light for iPhone FREE. Rob thinks this is the best app ever made for an iPhone. It has been useful on at least one occasion.


By levanah