20 percent of blog365

July 21, 2010

Item #33 of my 101in1001 is: complete blog365. This is my second start at completing this item, and today I am 20% of the way done. woohoo!

As I mentioned at the 10% mark:

The general idea is that you blog every day for 365 days. Composing in advance and scheduling your posts is acceptable (and under my personal rules, I have 24 hours to make up a post if I get side-tracked). You don’t have to post anything interesting (what a relief (for me)), you just have to post something every day.

I admit it was a bit sketchy last week. I’m not staying ahead of myself as I had been for the first 10%, so my content has been a bit lacking. Not that the content was ever terribly good, but the margin for improvement had definitely increased. I’m also pretty sure I mis-remembered my “24 hour” rules as “48 hours,” but I’m also pretty sure I’m the only person actually keeping track here. *shrug*


What I really think. 😉
Taken on my iPhone then I used the “Instant” filter in CameraBag.

By levanah