trail run

July 21, 2010

For the last few weeks I’ve been running on a trail at the park adjacent to the the barn where I keep my horse. I’ve been trying to do this twice a week. My trail is only about 2 miles long, but my elevation gain is 389 feet. It’s challenging for me.

I had a jumping lesson this morning, and I decided I’d just go for a run before I left. Previously the run was so taxing it seemed to be all that I could manage in a day. Today it didn’t seem so intimidating, and I felt great afterward! I think I went faster than usual, but I forgot to bring my GPS watch and heart rate monitor, so I’ll never now how fast I actually was. I am pleased that I did not allow myself to wimp out and not run because I didn’t have all of my toys.

We didn’t go for our bike ride this weekend, so I may try to add in an extra run this week. I’ve also entered a 5K that benefits the Stevens Creek Trail, which Rob and discovered last week on our bike ride. It’s supposed to be “fast and flat.” Hopefully my “slow and hilly” training will be enough!

Here’s a view of the trail:

trail run

Here’s a view from the trail:

trail run

By levanah