bike hunting

August 1, 2010

Friday I had thought I was going to get a migraine, but I went for a short bike ride anyway, and exercise defeated that migraine. But my poor old rusty mountain bike was depressing me.

So Saturday we went bike shopping. We went to a multitude of stores and looked at many bikes. At my favorite REI I had a great time talking with a salesperson (a friend, actually) about a GT Avalanche 2.0, but I wanted to shop around a little more. It still felt “heavy” to me. We wound up finding an Avalanche 1.0 that was “lighter” and had better components at Performance Bike in Mountain View, where the bike was less expensive to begin with, and on sale! Rob was finally convinced to get a mountain bike, but they didn’t have what we wanted in Mountain View. The nearest store that had one was in San Francisco, so we took a quick trip there to buy it. They didn’t have it assembled, so we had to come pack on Sunday to pick it up.

We drove home, changed, and then headed to Henflings in Ben Lamond for some good beer and a friend’s CD release party for their band “Acoustic Shadows.” We didn’t stay late, but it was definitely a nice night out.

By levanah