August 2, 2010

Do you ever sit around and just feel grateful? That you have a home, that you have kith and kin, that you have health.

I do this almost every day. I suppose it’s a form of meditation. After I’ve fed the cats and mr fishy, watered the plants, and had a cup of coffee; I often sit and reflect on how freaking awesome my life is.

I have feet that I can walk, run, and dance on. My eyes see. I can taste delicious food, which I know how to prepare myself. I have good friends to share my experiences with, and a family and a great husband who cares for me. I have hands that can use all of the nifty tools I collect. I have space for my stockpile of activity accessories (camping gear, climbing gear, bikes, horse stuff, sewing stuff, books, clothes). I can bike and climb and ride and swim. I can breathe and sing. I can still sit with my legs crossed on the ground, and I can touch my toes. I can laugh and cry, but there seems to be more laughter.

I could go on and on with the things I do have: safety, warmth, adventure, freedom to make my own choices, a car that always starts, cats that cuddle, a beautiful horse, etc. The list is endless. I think I’ll go mull over what else I am grateful for today, over another cup of coffee.

By levanah