sunburn and five hours in a car

August 6, 2010

I’m behind on posting. I’ll make my rationalization later. This post is for Thursday August 5th.

Today was the day we were going to LA for Costume College. But before we went, we had to show Kevin how to take care of the cats, and go for an 18 mile bike ride on the new mountian bikes. Rob managed to get a flat tire, and wouldn’t ya know it, none of us had a spare tube. Kevin and I rode off to get Burt the truck (his house was closer than our house, where we started), then we picked Rob and and had tacos for lunch. I clocked two hours of riding time, but we were out longer than that. Long enough for me to get a sun burn on my thighs. Sigh.

Then I sewed and packed madly for a few hours. We left FIVE hours later than I had “planned.” That might be a new “late leaving time” record for me. Then we drove down to LA. We took hwy 5, which was nice and fast that late at night, arriving at 1 AM. Then to sleep for a 7:30 AM wake-up so I can make freshman orientation at 8 AM.

By levanah