the panic room

August 7, 2010

I’m behind on posting. I’ll make my rationalization later. This post is for Friday August 6th.

I made it through the entire day, without room service. I recently discovered that room service for breakfast is what makes staying in a hotel worthwhile. We arrived to late and I was too disorganized to order breakfast.

I forgot to register in time for any of the paid hands-on classes at Costume College, something I’m definitely doing next year! Friday I attended the orientation, a presentation on fashion silhouettes from the 1700’s-1920’s, Period lace, two different costume research classes, and then I perused the marketplace, where I bought buttons for my riding skirt.

hotel room

I was going to be anti-social and sew in my room while Rob was out… doing something, but I went to the “Panic Room” (or sewing lounge), and worked on finishing my costume. There I fortuitously ran into Carol, who helped me dart out almost FOUR inches from the waistband of my riding skirt. Talk about too big!

By levanah