Costume College Day 2

August 8, 2010

not marthaI’m behind on posting. I’ll make my rationalization later. This post is for Saturday August 7th.

Just try to argue with me about it!

Today I attended “Hairstyles in the 1940’s,” “Ladie’s Riding Clothes Thorugh the Ages,” and then I volunteered in the Sewing Retreat for an hour. And while volunteering in the sewing retreat, I finished my corset!!

I finished getting myself all together just in the nick of time to attend the Costume College Gala Ball. We had some pictures taken together on the Red Carpet, but I can’t figure out how to find them (I misplaced a business card.) Rob wore his Victorian finery, and I wore my steampunk outfit, and we got to Cross-Step waltz and do some swing dancing. We also met some really nice people at out table, who’s contact information I either forgot to get or lost. *sigh* Everyone was beautiful!

I believe there may be a better picture of me [and Rob!] from the “Red Carpet” room, but this was what I snapped of myself, quickly in the bathroom mirror.

corset close-up

By levanah