I beat the mountian.

August 17, 2010

I rode the horse for an hour. We had a great lesson.

After my lesson, I did my run. Today I forgot my GPS watch, so I couldn’t record my run. I almost used that as an excuse to put off my run until tomorrow, but I did my damn run. I usually run counter-clockwise around the top of the hills, because I somehow perceived that direction as “easier.” It has just one huge uphill that I usually walk up. Today I decided I was going to go clockwise and see if I was correct and that the other direction would provide more gradual uphills that I might be able to run up, and therefor work harder.

I got to the top of the first hill, and there was a group of horseback riders headed up the direction I had decided to go. Well, I’d already talked myself into going the “hard way”, I wasn’t going to let a bunch of slowpokes spoil my run! I asked if I could pass, and then I bravely ran past them, at my top jogging speed, up the HILL they were going up. About 3/4 of the way up, I was pretty sure my ego had just written a check my @ss couldn’t cash, and I’d have to stop and sit on the side of the trail gasping for breath as they moseyed past me.

But I freaking made it. I consider that hill my personal nemesis, and I kicked it’s rear end today.

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By levanah