30% Blog365

August 27, 2010

August 26th marks 30% of blog365, which is item #33 on my 101in1001 list.

Those who are following along probably have noticed that I seem to be posting multiple posts once a week, instead of individual daily posts. Is this against the rules? I don’t actually know as the website I got the idea to do this from doesn’t seem to exist anymore. As I recall, posting items in advance and/or using the automated publishing feature was okay, so why not playing catch-up, or “planning in reverse”? [pretty sure that’s a rationalization]

I am the Queen of Inconsistency and as such, I do decree that it is acceptable for me to post my posts in any form I can manage so that I have one post per day for 365 days.

The purpose of this challenge was to 1) give me a creative outlet so I can participate with the huge blog community, 2) create a record of my daily life and interests for friends and family, and 3) to try and finish something that seemed hard to do.

Any way I complete the project, I will achieve these goals.

By levanah