old scaramento

August 30, 2010

We went to the Old California Days event in Old Sacramento today to see our friends perform as Smokey Knott and the Boll Weevils.

Smokey Knott and the Boll Weevils

Old Sacramento is a bit of a tourist trap, which somehow has at least three different tattoo parlors. If we’d been a bit more ambitious, there were several museums we could have checked out.

We had candy in the candy store, lunch at the bar, and we saw a fun show at the Old Eagle Theater which featured Smokey Knott and the Boll Weevils that was very clever and fun. The weather seemed nice, but apparently the air quality in Sacramento leaves something to be desired, and my eyes were itchy and scratchy almost immediately.

After seeing the girls in the Laughing Moon version of the western riding skirt (in the picture above) I snatched up a copy of it at Old Sacramento Dry Goods, a sort small historical costume shop.

It was fun, but my arm hurt and my eyes were irritated. We went home and ate home-made chili.

By levanah