lazy labor day

September 7, 2010

For labor day we climbed at Planet Granite (PG) in San Francisco and went out to dinner.

Planet Granite SF is located in the Presidio, an old army base at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. The view from in front of PG of the Golden Gate Bridge is freaking stunning, even swathed in fog. You forget how HUGE the Golden Gate is. The SF PG is quite large, itself, and wasn’t busy at all for the holiday. Our friend C joined us. They have some great bouldering, where you get to climb to the top of their bouldering walls and “top out” or stand up on top and do a little dance if you like! I felt like I was twelve, it was great! I didn’t do so well on the top-roping, partially because I had hurt my wrist mountain biking. I’m looking forward to going back up there to climb, and maybe bike around the Presidio, too.

Afterward, we dropped C off and went out on a date. We even brought clothes to change into after climbing. We went to the Rose Pistola, where I fell in love with their Ginger Gin Fizz. yum. We walked over to the City Lights bookstore to browse around, then we headed home. It was a great end to a great weekend.

By levanah