a new restaurant

September 14, 2010

We have trouble finding new restaurants we want to eat at. This isn’t a big deal, until it’s inconvenient to cook and we want to go out to eat. Usually we want to go to our current favorite restaurant, but occasionally we want to try something new. This usually ends in frustration and we go to the same-old restaurant. Sometimes when we drive past a prospective restaurant, we’ll say “we should try that sometime!” When “sometime” rolls around though, we can’t remember what or where that place was. Or we random pick somewhere to go as we are driving by, and are disappointed.

We did recently find a new “favorite restaurant,” Casa Cobre in Saratoga. They have a great sangria.

On the “frequently visited” list:

Casa Cobre
La Fiesta
Rose Pistola
Il Postal
Fiesta Del Mar
The Counter

I guess the solution is to make a list of places we’d like to go. Anyone have a suggestion?

By levanah