New Boots

September 15, 2010

September 14, 2010

Way back in April, when it looked like TiVo was finally going to win the echostar case, we were able to refinance out home (our appraisal was at 96%!!), pay down a sizable chunk of our mortgage, and I ordered a custom pair of Dehner riding boots.

New Boots. Sept 14, 2010

Today they finally arrived. The fit is amazing, especially over my apparently abnormally huge calves. I can’t find a pair of off-the shelf riding boots that fit over my calves nicely. With these fabulous new boots I don’t lose feeling in my feet and get cramps from low blood-flow . I can zip these on and off easily, AND my huge calves don’t squish them down, so they sit correctly up by my knees.

This style is considered “formal” and is usually used in Dressage, so I guess Whisper and I are going to have to try some dressage shows. They can be used for Hunter/Jumper riding, but they’re pretty stiff and don’t work as nicely with the jumping leg position. I have a pair of inexpensive (for riding boots) off-the-rack field boots, which are “wides” with a HUGE elastic gusset along the zipper that I stretch double-wide at the widest point on my calves. I intend to use the field boots for jumping in, when I get them broken in. I also have to break in the new boots. I should probably get on that.

By levanah