my first 5K

September 26, 2010

Finish line

Today I ran my first 5K. My goal had been to make it in 40 minutes or less, and my official time was 40:59. I’m a little disappointed because I really didn’t runmy hardest, and I think I could have made better time. In the first mile, I felt like I was getting a shin splint, and my hip or groin muscles were crazy tight (on the side I normally have no problem), so I wound up walking a lot more than I think I should have. I was really more focused on finishing my first race than I was on performing well, which I do think was a good plan. Now that I know what it’s really going to be like, I think I can do better. It sounds like Thanksgiving is going to be in Minnesota instead of DC, which had been an option this year. I’ve found a 5K Turkey trot in Minneapolis that I intend to do if we are there.

101in1001 #18 run for 30 minutes straight. Has been very motivating.

By levanah