thirty-nine miles

October 3, 2010

Edited to add this photo I took today along the road we biked yesterday. Rob and I went and retraced the route in the car today.
not-so-green houses

Rob and I have picked back up where we left off with the Almaden Cycle Touring Club‘s Bike Driving Academy. We graduated from the first 6-week session, BDI, in the Spring. We tried to start the second 6-week session BDII in April, but life got in the way. We missed the first ride of this session, but you can miss one ride and still “graduate.” Yesterday we rode 39 miles from south San Jose to Morgan Hill and back. There were hard parts, and it was fun! Really! I think I’m much faster and stronger than I was way back in April.

We practiced drafting, and I realized that I frequently draft off Rob when we’re riding together. I guess it’s good practice? I also quickly figured out that drafting between two large guys makes riding much easier for my rather short self. I lead the draft line 3 times, for a total of 6 miles or so on the way back. And I set a mean pace. 😛

Speaking of mean. People: just share the road. Seriously. I honestly believe that EVERYONE should have to take a road cycling class before they can get their license. Even I was clueless before I learned how much drivers can suck, but once you’ve been in the other person’s shoes, your perspective changes. Life’s too short, relax and enjoy the ride.

I’d link to the track I made with my fancy garmin, but my stupid fancy garmin was acting up through first half of the ride. In an effort to figure out what was wrong, I reset it a dozen times and cleared the memory. Turns out it was user error: my bike computer had gotten bumped and was no longer reading the magnet on the tire. I figured that out after I disabled the bike computer and everything went back to normal. Then I spent two seconds adjusted the little sensor. Twenty-plus miles into the ride. *sigh*

I’m going to transcribe the route though. I really liked that ride, and I highly recommend it! Next week is supposed to be around 45 miles! Hope I feel as great after that ride as I did coming off this one!

By levanah