saturday projects

October 10, 2010

Today I played with my sewing room again. I became obsessed with making a large ironing board like we have at school. A standard ironing board is great, but I wanted a rectangular one that I could lay on top of my cutting table in the other room, or on top of my current ironing board so I had a larger surface. I went to OSH on my failed quest to find a small metal trash can for Whisper’s grain (the rats can eat through everything else) and while I was there I picked up a 2×4 piece of 3/4″ wood. I spent the extra $4 on the nicer, smoother piece. At home I used a wool army blanket I had lying around, my handy staple gun, and some leftover cotton from my bulletin board project, to create my coordinating ironing board. I’m quite pleased with it.

I also went to Ikea and got an EXPEDIT so I had a surface to stack my school supplies on.

Oh, and earlier in the week I got a new wire baker’s rack and re-organized my fabric stash closet.

It’s starting to sound like I’m procrastinating again, isn’t it?

Saturday projects

By levanah