next sewing classes

October 21, 2010

Today at 11:30 am we’re having a Fashion Department luncheon to discuss the classes that will be offered next semester. This is what I’m interested in:

* Flat Pattern drafting, 3 units
* Designer Techniques, 3 units
* Textiles, 3 units
– Millinery, 1 unit
– Costuming for Theatrical Production, 3 units

I really think that the addition of the top three (starred) classes to the classes I’m currently taking will give me a very strong base for my sewing, covering all of the subjects I’ve bought books on and tried to figure out on my own. The books I’ve bought are great, maybe I’ll list them tomorrow, but without some sort of external motivation, I rarely practice the techniques I read about. And I am very much a hands-on person. I have to actually physically make something once to feel like I’ve understood a technique. The classes I’m currently taking I feel very good about:

– Principles of Fashion. What makes good design.
– Fashion Drawing. Maybe if I can record my ideas and get them out of my head, I won’t feel so overwhelmed when I try to come up with something to make.
– Intermediate sewing. Hands-on reinforcement of techniques I’ve read about.

So what’s the issue? The Costuming for Theatrical Production was last offered more than three years ago! The Theater Costuming certificate is a two-year program, but if you can’t get the classes you need it takes quite a bit longer. So I guess I’m going to pass on Pattern drafting (which is offered every semester) and take the Theater class. I’m not really interested in drafting my own patterns [yet].

As for the millinery class, I just want to learn to make hats! It also happens to apply to the Theater Costuming certificate.

The certificate I’m actually working toward is the Custom Dressmaking one, mostly because I want to know EVERYTHING in those classes.

By levanah