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October 24, 2010

On Thursday, in addition to the earthquake drill, there was a Fashion Department luncheon to discuss upcoming classes. To say that I am excited about next semester is an understatement! AND the most awesome thing happened at the luncheon!

As I’ve mentioned before, Rob and I were taking a road biking course on Saturdays. After the last ride, at 52 miles, my neck/back/arm completely spazzed out. Five days later, I’m still in pain. So I decided that I was going to have to say that 52 miles was far enough for the time being, and not ride the last two weeks of bike driving academy. I had been looking into taking Blocked Felt Hats with Wayne Wichern via The Sewing Workshop, but the workshops were held on Saturdays, and I couldn’t go because of the bike thing. Well, once I decided not go on the bike thing, I checked to see if the workshop was still offered, and it was sold out.

One of the classes the college is offering next semester is a millinery class (straw and buckram hats). During the fashion department luncheon on Thursday I was bemoaning the fact that I missed the millinery class offered this weekend while the instructors were pitching next semester’s classes, when my companion pointed out that the person who was teaching the college class next year was the same person who was teaching the hat workshop this weekend, who was right there in the room!

So I gathered my courage and wandered over and asked if he might be able to squeeze one more person into the sold-out workshop. And he said yes! And I literally joyfully bounced around for ten minutes!

So I got to block (shape) two felt hats this weekend, and next weekend we get to trim (decorate) them.

This one is a dark gray cloche in veluor (shiny) felt.
My first blocked felt hat!

This will be a similar to shallow top hat (in the style worn for dressage) in a black matte fur felt. It can be polished for some shine.
Second hat

By levanah