more "outside"

October 27, 2010

an addendum to Why I Prefer to Exercise Outside. From the conversation on Facebook.

Every time I go out, even if it’s on the same trail, something is different. The light is softer, now that the sun isn’t so high in the sky, and everything is… mysterious and quiet because the leaves have fallen and are padding the ground. Monday was soon enough after the rain that I could smell the eucalyptus, which I normally can’t smell. And because the leaves are onto ground, I can see things I didn’t know were there, behind bare branches. If I’m tired, I go downhill first, because I can go further, faster, and then I turn around and go uphill on the way back; it’s harder for me to cheat. Also, if I jog the 2.7 or whatever miles out to hunters point, then I have to make it all of the way back. I might cheat if I could. I’m often tempted by different paths. I promise myself that if I do well, I can try the next path.

I don’t care why anyone else exercises where they do. I’m just tempted by the outdoors. And I’m so glad Judy mentioned the 5K I toddled through, or I would never have remembered how much I love being outside and being present within my body while doing things I really thought were hard. Like jogging to the top of hunters point!

By the way, after running next to el camino, I understand why people use earphones: cars are freaking annoying. And I did find the music entertaining, when I could hear it over the cars. But it freaked me out that I couldn’t hear what was going on around me over the music. Guess I’m paranoid.

By levanah