saturday was just like halloween

November 1, 2010

At 8-ish on Saturday night we boarded the bus in Oakland. There were hot women:

hot ladies on the halloween bus

a coy vampire:

vampire me


rob was a pirate

and enthusiastic bar tenders:

Dave and Bob

Bob is supposed to be driving the bus, not hanging out at the bar! Note that neither of them are using the bar as a flotation device.

We drove around San Francisco picking up random people and giving them booze. I have bruises all over my arms from hanging out the window and waving. So. Freaking. Fun!

At some point there was dancing on the bus, or so I’m told.

Then we crashed a party and sang karaoke for a few hours.

Then we went to another party where another vampire tried to re-initiate me. *blush*

Then we were safely delivered back to Oakland, and made it home around 3 am.

I need Rob to catch the photography bug so he can be my personal photographer. I need more/better photos of myself. 🙂

Then we had a lovely Sunday night dinner and handed out candy in Alviso.

Why isn’t Halloween always on Sunday?

By levanah