a trip to the city(s)

November 7, 2010

Saturday we made a pilgrimage up to the city. Rob dropped me off at the venerable San Francisco fabric store Britex for an hour or so. I found a lovely rust-colored worsted wool on sale. Otherwise I was just too overwhelmed with possibilities to make any decisions.

We also went to FLAX, my second-favorite shop in the city. I admired the fancy papers and got a few colored pencils.

Then we decided to go over to Berkley, and traffic sucked. But I got to play with my new camera in the slow traffic. I took this one at maybe 15 MPH through the sun roof:

view from the other bridge

While making our way to Juniper Tree, we passed Discount Fabrics, which I found to be better organized than Fabrics R Us. But I didn’t find anything I had to have.

Then we had dinner at the Chop Bar. I believe they do have the best hamburgers in the bay area. What a great day!

By levanah