red barn

November 23, 2010

While we were in West Virginia it was warm and dry, with temperatures in the 60’s, much warmer than the temperatures back home in California, where it was freezing at night! On the last morning in WVa, the weather finally got cold, but we did not get to see snow, like Rob did in Minnesota.

On Monday, the first day we were conscious, we hiked out to the barn at the back of the property. There we made faces into the camera they’d set up to monitor the deer. We admired the little cemetery that was on the grounds (it seems like everyone has one in their back yard), too.

red barn

We also celebrated Thanksgiving that day, as our cousins were able to stop by and join us. It was nice to meet another part of the family. I should see if we can make it out to the next family reunion.

By levanah