November 27, 2010

I really dislike traveling. I know this makes me a terrible person, but I really don’t like the pressure, stress, and general inconvenience involved in travel. I guess occasionally it’s kind of fun, but as I embark on an 8 hour (or more) plane flight I remember: I hate this.

Maybe someday I’ll spring for first class, and I’ll be less miserable on the flight. I doubt I’ll ever do that, as the price difference from cattle class to first class is ridiculous. And I’d miss out on the part about flying that I do like: watching the wings work during landing and take-off. If you’ve ever watched a bird land, you can see how amazing it is that we can mimic that beauty in huge, mechanical form.

Once I make it to my destination, I generally enjoy myself. But then you have to deal with navigating in a strange town, optimizing your trip to see all of the cool stuff, trying to find restaurants that are worth eating at, managing your luggage and minimized wardrobe, not sleeping in your own warm, snugly bed, and missing your cats.

Give me a bunch of money and some free time, and I have a whole bunch of stuff I’d like to do near my home. That’s why I live here: because I like it here!

Don’t worry, I haven’t completely given up on travel, I just like to vent once in a while. I hope everyone who is traveling this Holiday Season gets to their destinations safely and has a lovely time while they are there!

By levanah