December 6, 2010

A properly outfitted Dickens lady did not have a disorderly mass of magenta hair. She kept it under wraps, hats, braids, and/or wigs. I am not terribly good at doing my own hair, and I did not purchase a wig, so when I tried to stuff my hair up into the beautiful borrowed bonnet (photo here), lets just say it looked pretty bad. I rushed over to the lovely ladies who braid hair, and for $25 I got the most amazing braids. I asked the lovely lady who did my hair if she could do it on her own head, and she said that she could not, so I guess I don’t feel to bad that I can’t do it myself. I wish I knew someone nearby who could braid my hair once a week!

Here’s some quick photos I took to document the hair:




By levanah